Memorabilia Events

Step into the World of Memorabilia – Where Dreams Take Shape! Explore their brand-new website meticulously crafted by our web studio, a symphony of elegant, slick, and minimal design. Immerse yourself in the seamless, responsive interface with smooth animations, where every detail has been thoughtfully designed. The delightful palette of green and purple hues complements […]

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SeaHawk Maritime

Established in 2013, Seahawk Maritime S.A. combines proficiency in ship management with strategic decision-making to ensure soaring performance and responsible service. Our latest digital masterpiece, a virtual embodiment of innovation and sophistication. At VIRTUS+, we take pride in unveiling a website that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with captivating aesthetics. Immerse yourself in a symphony of […]

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Bully Bar Concept

The Bully Bar is a 1971 Volkswagen T2, which has been transformed into an ergonomic cocktail bar, after being fully restored, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of every event. Original cocktails, specialty coffee, satisfying brunch menus, mouthwatering refreshments. All made available for every type of events, without any compromise, even in the […]

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Adore Beauty

Olga Yodakova, as a cosmetics expert and social influencer is sharing her knowledge in personal cosmetic care and provides personalized solutions. She differentiates her position by analyzing in depth, answering all questions about a woman’s face and hair care based on the personal characteristics of each individual every single time. Our task was to design […]

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Uniq Creative

Uniq Creative is an independent design studio based in Kastoria. It was created through Panagiotis Tsiolas’ passion and love for design and visual communication. Lately, the studio has been creating projects for clients all over Greece and abroad. This provides it with a large portfolio of projects, as well as a growing network of partners. […]

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