Fuelink is a digital platform designed to streamline vessel fueling decisions for maritime operations. It offers tools for optimizing fueling strategies, calculating emission costs, and managing EU Allowances (EUAs). Fuelink centralizes bunkering documents, providing transparency and simplifying compliance with the EU’s Emissions Trading System. It uses AI for fuel price predictions and supports real-time data […]

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Memorabilia Events

Step into the World of Memorabilia – Where Dreams Take Shape! Explore their brand-new website meticulously crafted by our web studio, a symphony of elegant, slick, and minimal design. Immerse yourself in the seamless, responsive interface with smooth animations, where every detail has been thoughtfully designed. The delightful palette of green and purple hues complements […]

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SeaHawk Maritime

Established in 2013, Seahawk Maritime S.A. combines proficiency in ship management with strategic decision-making to ensure soaring performance and responsible service. Our latest digital masterpiece, a virtual embodiment of innovation and sophistication. At VIRTUS+, we take pride in unveiling a website that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with captivating aesthetics. Immerse yourself in a symphony of […]

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At Virtus+, in partnership with the creative minds at S&Team, we are proud to unveil our latest project: the Sensates website. This platform is meticulously designed to connect individuals with experienced professionals dedicated to counseling and therapy for various concerns related to sexual life. Elegant Simplicity and Professionalism Our vision for Sensates was to create […]

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Plexus Properties

Step into the world of Plexus Properties, where real estate meets innovation and user-centric design. As a team of dedicated graphic designers and developers, we embarked on a journey to craft a digital experience that reflects the ethos of Plexus Properties: sophistication, reliability, and forward-thinking. Unveiling a Seamless Online Experience At the heart of our […]

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The primary objective in the design endeavor was to craft a website that exudes professionalism and instills trust, thereby facilitating seamless access to desired content for both current stakeholders and prospective clientele. A pivotal aspect of this endeavor entailed the strategic incorporation of horizontal and vertical lines, serving as prominent visual cues emblematic of a […]

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